Principal Message


From the Desk of the Principal


Give time to education........           

Education will change your time.....


We need to instill and generate after a decade of individualism amongst the students the values and behavior that are respectful to our culture and environment, developing democratic virtues for the common good of all.

Our aim is to make students experience their classrooms as invigorating with inspiring environment, places they love & look forward to and  make them realize that even though all of us have diverse culture, languages, customs & beliefs, we are all human & humanity is our supreme goal.

It's time to do the beginning with a clear thought and discovery of innovative ideas & perspective to make the students more tech-savvy & competent in every aspect  . Students of today are positive images of tomorrow with a powerful & magnetic force which has to be channelized in a creative manner with great endeavor to make them global citizens.


Gagan Sharma 




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