Welcome to D.S.Public School Muzaffarnagar (UP)


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About the School

D S Public school is an English Medium co-educational senior secondary school affiliated to C.B.S.E (New Delhi). It aims to develop mental and Physical development of each child. The school intends to set optimism in its students so that they may learn & acquire the positive traits of life as how to learn anywhere, anytime thus enriching their skills continuously.

Our Aim:

v Personal growth - Intellectual, moral, physical, psychological and social. Progressive and holistic development of the child - fully human, wholly, Indian, truly modern.

v A fun filled and exciting experience of learning. Self discipline through moral instructions.

v Leadership skills through participation and involvement in co-curricular activities.

v Power of expression through public speaking, debates, dramatics, elocution, extempore, music and creative writing.

v Preparation of students for future careers.

v Shaping citizens who will serve the society with confidence and dignity.


Our Motto:-         " From darkness to light"



The aim of the institution is to impart sound education inculcating among the children, the habit of co

operation, discipline, self- confidence, regularity, punctuality with the objective of attaining greater





The school offers exposure to computer aided learning right from the beginning. Pre primary children learn rhymes, other concepts and watch animated cartoons through interactive CDs etc. From class Ist onwards, theoretical knowledge is followed by practical handing of the computer.


We have smart classes which help students to clear the concepts. Audio Visual Room is equipped with LCD projector where Pre Primary children learn rhymes, other concepts and watch animated cartoons through interactive CDs etc. At primary & secondary levels students learn through power point presentations and various educational CDs.


The school maintains well stocked library with the collection of story books, reference books on every subject, illustrated dictionaries, encyclopedias, magazines and newspaper. Library in constantly enriched by the latest editions and new arrivals. Students are encouraged to use the library to enhance reading habits.


Our lab will enhance the children's vocabulary, improve pronunciation, articulation and fluency through digital audio-visual aids. Our lab is equipped with all the modern facilities to groom the children for better communication to become global citizens.



     The School has modern and well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Home Science It provides ample opportunities to do practical work and conduct scientific experiments. Latest equipments, models, slides, charts and other educational aids are provided by the School labs.



The school is equipped with the latest generation of computers and accessories. Computer lab has internet facility, enabling students to access global network. All students learn computer language and operation under supervision of trained & experienced teachers.


Mathematics is a subject which is very closely associated with life's day to day activities. To clear the concepts & make the subject interesting we have set mathematics lab. Students perform activities under the supervision of proficient teachers.


The school has a multipurpose hall cum Audio-Visual room with acoustics for an enjoyable visual experience. Hall hosts a variety of cultural events to provide a platform for showcasing the talent of our students.


CCTV cameras have been installed in the school campus to keep a check on all the happenings and the conduct of the students, to help maintain discipline. The school security cameras work throughout the school hours to ensure the safety of our students.



We believe in "Healthy mind exists in a healthy body". We believe that through sports we can develop leadership skills in our students and make them focused, disciplined and fit. School is having open play ground and various sports facilities like Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Base Ball, Basket Ball, Kho-Kho etc,


Students are encouraged to participate actively in vocal & instrumental music. Dance, painting, craft and literary activities like declamation, debate, quiz and recitation etc. Such activities help them to know & appreciate our rich cultural heritage.


As the school does not make any arrangement for transportation, parents have to make their own conveyance arrangement for their wards. Parking of auto/bike, in school premises, is not allowed. Only cycle stand for students is provided. You are requested not to provide any auto bike & mobile to your child for school as it may be dangerous for his/her life.



PRE PRIMARY WING: The approach at Pre Primary is 'Child Centered". "Play, while learning and learn, while Playing" is the main objective at this level. Emphasis is given on imparting knowledge of the world around the child, developing linguistic & creative skills. fine & gross motor skills.

PRIMARY WING: The approach at this level is 'Learning by Doing'. A thematic approach is followed to stimulate children through interactive session, projects, surveys and other innovative activities. Emphasis on participation of each student in the curricular & co-curricular activities is given along with the strong sense of individuality.

SENIOR WING: It follows an enriched curriculum with in-depth knowledge of the subjects. Presentations, surveys and research work are given the utmost importance. Besides following the C.B.S.E. guidelines, the school keeps an open mind to the changing educational patterns. It stresses upon developing right study habits, value education, overall personality development and coping with peer pressure at this stage.

TEAM WORK: "Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championship" We encourage group activities and team work in our school in order to be able to faster camaraderie among the students.


  • Welcome to D.S.Public School Muzaffarnagar (UP)